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A natural way to add a safe and sweet fragrance to your laundry! Our linen waters are a mixture of distilled water and fragrant essential oils and absolutes. Linen waters are great for spraying onto bed linens, towels, furniture and clothing to give you that fresh, crispy clean feeling. They can also be applied to fabrics just before ironing - the application of the hot iron helps to infuse the scent into the fabric ensuring that the aroma will be enjoyed for an extended period of time. Linen waters are also great as a deodorizing room spray to give a pleasing scent to rooms without being too overpowering.

Caution: It is recommended to do spot checks on fabrics first to ensure that no staining or spotting occurs.

240 ml.

PurEcosheet Linen Water

SKU: 365236412347892
  • Distilled water, fragrant essential oils and absolutes. 

  • Simply spray wherever you want a burst of fresh, natural scent. Great for helping to dewrinkle clothes before you fold them, but can also be used directly on furnishings, as an air freshener, or even right on your hair or skin.

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