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Buy two boxes of PurEcosheets at the regular price, and receive a third at an amazing 50% OFF
This item is three boxes of two dryer sheets each, with each set of two set re-usable for over 500 loads of laundry. PLEASE NOTE - you must use BOTH sheets together for the product to be effective.

Purecosheet - Multipack Discount

SKU: 36523641256923
    • Unscented
    • Lasts for Hundreds of Loads
    • Made in North America
    • 100% Hypoallergenic
    • Safe for use on Infant's Sleepwear, Cloth Diapers, Technical Fabrics, Fine Linens and Towels
    • Safe for Allergy and Eczema Sufferers
    • Perfect for Baby's Sensitive Skin
  • Place both dryer sheets in the dryer with your clothes and dry normally at any heat setting. The patented, static fighting weave and fibres of the PurEcosheets will remove the static from the dryer load as they touch the tumbling clothes. When removing your clothes, just leave the PurEcosheets in the dryer for the next load.

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