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"I love the product because it addresses issues concerning chemical residue, etc. My daughter has severe eczema, so I am constantly looking for detergent, etc., that will not aggravate her skin. I am also concerned about the environment, so this is a fabulous product! I gave it to five of my friends as well!"

Tammy , teacher and mother


"There is a noticeable reduction in static when using this product... we now use purecosheet in our wash, dry and fold services."

Chuck, dry cleaner manager


"We all enjoy the ease of using purecosheet as we keep them in the dryer and don't need to think about using or adding a softener. I enjoy usingpurecosheet because it is a reliable product, and easy to use! The clothes come out of the dryer soft. There is no static electricity and less wrinkles than when I used a liquid softener or [a chemical based sheet]. It's an excellent product!"

Wendy, principal


"Works wonders on static cling, and no more missing socks!"

Kim, mother of three


"I like this product because I can dry anything with it and not worry about spotting or staining."

Phil, laundromat owner


"Great product! I especially like that it does not affect flame resistance. Very handy always there in the dryer."

Faye, teacher


"No perfume, re-usable, and does not get lost in my pant legs. I like it!"

Mike, electrician


"Easy to use, garbage free - I love it!"

Morgan, retail manager


"Our customers are intrigued because it is chemical free... the general feedback is that purecosheet is as effective as regular dryer sheets and will save them MONEY!"

Bill, vice-president towel and linen corporation






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